Thursday, July 29, 2010

#1 All Over

For all of you out there who are tempted to ask, or already have, "are you going to cut his hair? He'll need it for his strength" (hardy har har)...the answer is yes, you tools.

Samson got his first cut at three weeks. I wasn't about to put up with the geriatric hairline. When the child is balding on top...shave the rest! Simple.

You'd think his cosmetologist mom would be the one to give him his first haircut...but Tadd is the king of buzzes!

He just sat there with his eyes as wide as they could possibly go. Didn't make a peep. Good thing because he'll need to get used to hair cuts seeing as how his dad and I won't put up with the unkempt look.

I've enjoyed his little peach fuzz head now that it's growing back in!

I'll tackle the next "clever" remark later: "What if he meets and falls in love with a woman named Delilah! *snicker*"



Cat I did that to Miss Millie as soon as the hair line from hell appeared. The Swenson family doesn't mess around though.. the ghetto line was REALLY passed when I just got Brendon's facial razor and did it. :)

Hen Pecks said...


Guess he might as well get used to it...

[Morgan] said...

you two are the coolest parents i know.
for reals.
who is afraid to shave their newborns head so they let the geriatric hairline?
not you and tadd.
i LOVE it.

[Morgan] said...

let the hairline BE, is what i meant to say:)

The Murray Family said...

I am completely with you and the old man hair. I buzzed mason's hair when he was 6 weeks old. I think it's worse with little girls when they have horrible mullets just so the mom feels like their daughter has long hair.

Taft and Carrie said...

Ok how did you do this cause I think I need to do it to Parker but I'm a pansie and I know he's going to freak out.

Nickell said...

Kade was 5 days old. Too bad I'm not as good at keeping it cut now!


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