Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leaving the Hospital

We split from the hospital on Friday, after having Samson on Wednesday. I was ready to get out of there...or so I thought. The instant Tadd put the car in drive, I burst into tears. They could've at least sent us home with a nurse! Right?

Actually, we practically had our own personal nurse. And house cleaner, and chef, and emotional support system, mom! My incredible mom stayed with us for a week to make sure we were fed, picked up after, and well rested. She kept Tadd company while I rested, and the two of them bonded over the DIY network. I think Tadd still misses her company when he's watching Renovation Realities, and the like. She also listened to me cry way more than one person should in a matter of 7 days. Poor woman.

Tadd has become the master swaddler. Unfortunately, our little Houdini has since learned how to wiggle his arms out of even the tightest swaddle.

The little sign the nurses made for his crib

I'd imagine the babe was shaking with fear as we left knowing we were the ones responsible for him. Yikes!

Pausing from crying long enough to document this moment...
It's only fair that I post at least one picture of my puffiness.

1 comment:

[Morgan] said...

oh man.
i remember thinking the very same thing when ryan and i left the hospital with elllie....
what the heck were the nurses and doctors doing sending us home all by ourselves with a new baby. crazies.


you freak, you don't even look puffy.
i don't know how manage with such good looks.

love you and your darling little family:)


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