Friday, February 8, 2013

Time with Nick and Mal

Aunt Mal and Uncle Nick moved to Belgium last May for Nick's work, so we tried to soak up as much time as we could with them before they left! 

Every time they're in time now, it's a fight over who gets to spend time with them! Now that they will have a little baby boy in March, time with them during their next visits will be highly coveted!

The sign I made for their Bon Voyage party!

One of Samson's favorite places over the summer was the park down the street, so Nick and Mal came over one afternoon and played with Sam as long as his heart desired. 

We also went to the Bean Museum one day, and Mal was a great sport and chased Samson around.

What I came home to one day after Mal had been babysitting. Awww!

One of the many farewell meals we had!

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