Friday, February 8, 2013

Samson's 2nd Birthday

Samson's 2nd birthday was really low key last year (for behind!), and was spent with just the three of us. It was perfectly perfect.

Samson woke up in the morning to a few presents, and for days afterward, he'd ask when he woke up if he could open presents. 

Donut cake for breakfast! Very fitting for our family. We are extreme donut enthusiasts. 

There were a number of things we'd thought about doing, but settled on something animal related, since he loves animals! We were headed up to Thanksgiving Point to the petting zoo, but the wind had just picked up and we figured with dirt and Tadd's allergies it would be a disaster, so we went to Cabela's instead. Or rather the free, dead zoo.

It was a hit!

I took this picture right at 6:05pm, which was the exact time Samson was born two years earlier. What a huge difference those two years have made in our lives. 

We went to Tadd's parents' later that day for gifts from his aunts, uncles and cousins.

Seriously protecting his new tractor and truck.

We ran to Target later on, and of course Samson had to bring his new toys. Who could resist when they make him so happy!?

Happy Birthday (8 months ago) Sammy Sue! Can't imagine our lives without you!

1 comment:

[Morgan] said...

What a little stud that Sammy is.

I can't believe that he is coming up on 3 years old!


Also, I don't follow many blogs anymore. Well, like any. But I do still use mine as an online journal, and every now and then look at my reader. How fun to see my reader explode from all of your posts!

Thanks for giving me such good stuff to read on a cold snowy sick kids, Sunday.


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