Friday, February 8, 2013


I wanted Samson to experience flying on an airplane since he loves all forms of transportation, and is fascinated by them, so I planned a trip for us to go visit Aunt Megan and Aunt Lola in Sparks, NV. My timing for the trip was purposefully set for before his 2nd birthday, so his ticket was free. Genius!

Equipped for the plane ride with activities, binkies, and two containers of milk for take off and landing.

I couldn't even handle how cute he looked in his airplane seat!

Megan picked us up and we headed straight to Scheels for lunch where Lauren works. 

LOTS of this going on.

And we did.

Samson took off with a computer cord he found and a few minutes later he ran over to us saying that he plugged it in! I was sure he'd tried to force it into an outlet, but this is how we found it. He'd found a hole the right size for the cord, and waa-lah! One of those moments where you swear your kid is a genius.

Praying his veggies away it seems.

With all the nail polish everywhere, Samson was bound to get hold of it at some point...and he did. Nearly an entire bottle of Windex and I lot of elbow grease got the stain completely up.

Children's Discovery Museum

Just picking up a little Ecoli virus souvenir.

As is the way with Samson, he just had to get sick, so the last part of our last day was spent snuggling a lot.

Aunt Meg's stash of mini cars was a real hit.

We were so excited to see Daddy when we got home, especially since the flight back wasn't nearly as pleasant as the first. Our plane was delayed, so it cut into Samson's nap time and beyond, and then I temporarily lost my phone (for the whole flight) because the turbulence shook it back a few rows so I didn't have it for Samson to play games on, and he was feeling a little under the weather. So needless to say, I was VERY happy to be home. 

And then for the first time since Samson was a little baby, he fell asleep in the car on the way home, but of course only 5 minutes from home.

We had a lovely vacation, and felt so fortunate to be able to go out there and have Samson experience traveling by sky!

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