Friday, February 8, 2013

Taste of Mom n' Sam Time

Naturally I have more pics of my time with Sam, as opposed to Daddy-Sammy time, since we spend all day together AND I'm extremely camera happy.

Wasn't until we were out the door that I realized we matched perfectly.

He dumped nearly the whole water bottle on himself and thought it was hilarious!

Waking up from nap time isn't always pleasant...

A little splashity-splash in Nick and Mal's kitchen sink while we (actually just Tadd) readied their townhome for renters.

Many hours of Samson's first few years have been spent in this swing. Best purchase we ever made. 

First slurpee

Who waits until they get home from Costco to eat a bunch of huge strawberries!?

Breakfast of Jamba Juice and Great Harvest.

Over the summer the sleepsack became a necessity for errands as well as the blanket. 

Dinner date to delicious Cubby's

Moments after this picture, Samson discovered that he could twist the lids of the doTerra bottles off with his teeth, and the first once he got opened was OnGuard...cinnamon! The poor kid was inconsolable, but luckily a sippy cup of milk calmed down the burning in his mouth.

Nighttime sprinkler run!

A night's worth of pee. I weighed it. 3 lbs.

Sneaking pics in nursery

Chose his boots all on his own on that scorching hot day

FaceTime while Mom works, and occasionally gets her hair done.

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