Monday, November 7, 2011

Night with Weenie

One night, again...eons ago, Samson and I went and chilled with Violet and Whitney while Ethan and the boys were away. We had a grand ol' time!

Met up at Target so the kidlets could munch (I hate that word) on popcorn, and giggle at each other while Whitney and I purchased nonsense.

Cafe Rio! A true testament that it was a Peterson sister night!

Sometimes when the mood is right, the sunlight is perfection, and it's a good hair must.

Welcome home signs. What a stellar mother.

It's Complicated (perfect screenshot right?), Magnum ice cream, and fresh polish.

I failed to mention this night was when my beloved sister, Megan, was in town, as well as my cousin, his wife and kids, and Whitney and I sorta ditched out on the family (our apologies) to hang alone, so they challenged us to a who-is-having-more-fun game. (run on sentence, much?) TPing? Um hello, we win!

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