Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Decor

I spookified our house this year, and I'm glad I did! Initially I considered not even pulling out my Halloween decorations at all until I realized all I had was a light-up pumpkin and those embroidery hoop things I made last year, and it hit me that I need to make holidays a bigger deal for Samson, and stop being a scrooge!

My favorite detail this year were the crows! Thank you Dollar Tree.

Haley and I got together at her house one night, I put Samson to bed there, and we put together a paper banner! Thank you Pinterest.

Driving home that night was a disaster. What normally takes me 45 min took two freaking hours! Thank you construction all over Utah. Samson finally fell back asleep after an hour and a half, poor kid!

The finished product!

Hmmm...just had a thought...what if I painted our built-ins white?

1 comment:

Ashley Thalman said...

Hell no. Painting wood is a sin.


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