Sunday, November 6, 2011

Highland Splash Pad

Oh yes, the following dozen posts or so are eons old...but I'm puttin' them up anyway. Ya know, for the record.

Highland splash pad this summer was graced by our presence. Oh yes, it was. Samson thoroughly enjoyed himself, and we invited along Lauren, Conrad and Scarlet, and well as Haley and Addie, and she invitied friends, who invited friends, who invited friends...oh geez, we are a domino effect.

My pot belly boy

Enjoying some snacks on Haley's blankie

And later, more snacks, again laying down. Who is this kid? I guess the hot cement felt good on his tummy?

Lunch after with Lauren and her kids, who I failed to get pictures with.
Samson lasted until AF and zonked out.

I just don't tire of pics of this kid in his carseat. Clearly.

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