Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nielsen's Grove

Also, awhile back we spent an evening at Nielsen's Grove, a little gem I hadn't yet discovered!

We needed a couple pictures on his Samson sized chair mostly because I can't get over his chubby face.

Tadd had a chance to try out his new birthday boat, and with an audience, none the less!

Shaley found that Lucy thought it was HILARIOUS when she threw bread to the ducks. She was outrageously giggling, it was so cute!

I just love these two

What is cuter than a little boy riding atop his handsome daddy's shoulders with a bird's eye view? (The handsome is really just for me...)

We found a great...uhhh..."splash pad" for the kids to play in

...and be naked in.

Oh wait...

Samson didn't really enjoy the giant swings

But these two little munchkins did!

Miss Nora

Miss Lucy
My babe and I.

Boy do I miss the days of summer

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