Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goofin' Around

It's no secret I take way too many pictures, and catalog way too many of them, but with a face like the one below...can ya blame me?

I have to admit watching Sam grab both of the giraffes out of the toy bin, I thought it was a stroke of genius.

Sammy and his daddy love to goof around, and they do it better than any father and son I know.

Exhibit B: Eating dad's sour patch kids.



SeƱora H-B said...

I'm such a stalker, but those last two pictures are the funniest thing I've seen all morning.

Jess said...

Those sour patch pictures are PRICELESS. So funny!

I lost your phone number and I am in desperate need of a cut and probably color. Your still cutting hair, right?? Will you email me? jessica.a.salmon@gmail.com.


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