Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sushi and Splash Pad

I've been so lucky to meet a new friend a few months ago, and via Instagram, none the less. Her name is Lauren. My Lauren. That's what I shall call her.

Our first official rendezvouz outside of the salon was at Riverwoods with our kidlets, minus one of her two kids.

Samsy and I goofed around in the car while we waited for Lauren.

Took a little jaunt around the parking lot

After a truly haneous lunch at Happy Sumo with my child who refused to sit in his chair, keep his food on the table, or speak with an inside voice, we let the kids play in one of the splash pads and did our best to keep them occupied while we chatted.

Luckily Tadd was actually down the way at another restaurant, so I was able to drop Sam off for a few minutes so I could finish my lunch. TGFH (thank goodness for husbands)

Showing Scarlet the ropes

Except it turned out that she was more adventureous that he was!

And then who can resist a shirtless baby in a carseat!?

So, basically what happens when two girls who have a ridiculous amount in common and both enjoy a good time hang out??? Oh goodness!


eliza said...

Ok do you want to know something weird? Lauren was totally in my steak in CA and I was her YCL at girls camp back in the day..super small world!

Lauren said...

Giant tears!!!! Oh this makes me so sad I miiissssssssssss yyyoooouuuuu!! Oh oh dear me I do declare I miss ya gov'nah!


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