Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Always the Last to Know

But we'll just pretend I'm in on the "at this moment" posts that have been circulating my families web logs.

Right about now...

We've got some sick faces at our house.

Samson and Taddson are snoozing, Tadd more so snoring next to me.

I'm lamenting the fact that Sam won't always be my baby, and I sorta hate that.

I have a list of grown-up things to take care of that are a mile long and I'm dreading it.

The heater is humming along and it makes me wonder if Sam is a puddle of sweat in his crib since he has a radiator heater in there as well. I find I sleep better when I'm super warm, maybe he does too?

I'm enjoying my all white walls that I painted Friday night at 11:30.

I'm really enjoying the show Revenge and can't wait to find out if Emily destroys that annoying Tyler's life. And face.

My neck hurts from a kink I must've obtained by falling asleep in the tub last night. Our tub is practically a sardine can so the position I was laying in was quite uncomfortable.

Why was I so tired? Well because the Halloween party Lindey and I directed for the Cox family was a hit! And apparently required more energy than expected.

Researching a pumpkin pancake recipe for tomorrow morning. Gettin' festive here, folks!

Also realizing we have no plans for trick or treating tomorrow night! Who wants company?

1 comment:

Haley said...

Come to Whitney's house. We'll be trick-or-treating there.


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