Monday, July 4, 2011

Miss Mia is HOME!

Our newest niece is finally home!

After six months of planning, waiting, fundraising, praying and longing, and five weeks of Kris and Kecia away from home and family in Eastern Europe...they are finally home with little Mia.

She is the sweetest little thing, and such a joy to be around. We find ourselves just watching her every move; she is so dainty and full of life! It's so fun to be a part of her new life, and be able to experience some of her "firsts" in this new world she is experiencing.

We were able to catch glimpses of her perfect little personality and sense of humor through Kecia and Kris' blog while they were overseas, and boy was it just a tiny peek. She has so much to offer in this new world, and we couldn't have been prepared for what a little angel she truly is!

Awaiting their arrival! The tears started flowing even just when we saw their flight had landed (as Adrie points out above); we just knew we'd all be such a mess when they walked through those doors! The anticipation was almost tangible!

It was so neat seeing Kris and Kecia reunite with their three girls, and introduce them to their new sister! I so admire my BIL and SIL, and all they have done to raise awareness and give a litle girl a home and an eternal family!

A couple videos definitely worth watching!

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Colby and Hilary said...

I followed her blog through this whole thing! OMG! They are soooo inspirational! I adore their girls. What an AMAZING example they are!


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