Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vegas Round Two

I am a spoiled, spoiled brat. Two trips to Vegas in two months? Granted this second one was for a hair show (hello tax write off), but it was still enjoyable. I am incredibly fortunate to work with great people who I geniuenly enjoy being around.

Driving down to The Vegs with Chelsea and Julie. Oh, you don't know this slang? It's totes all the rage.

We stayed at my friends, Jessie and Erica's, house Friday night and stayed up into the wee hours of the night acting like three girls in high school, giggling and chatting.

First item of business on Saturday? Hit the pool, of course. My goodness, Vegas produces some real weirdos. We had the pleasure of watching two strangers meet up at the bar and dirtily dance together. All the while in bathing suits, might I add. Guh-ross.

Saturday evening was shopping at the Forum shops and Cheesecake Factory. Isn't it glorious that H&M doesn't close until midnight!?
I want this elephant.

Hair show the next day, which was loads of fun. We attended a few classes, learned some new techniques, and explored all the booths. And yes, I witnessed a Nick Arrojo hair cut. I looked all around for Stacey and Clinton, but was disappointed to see that the three of them just aren't a packaged deal.

We were completely overwhelmed with the number of feather, tinsel and bling extension booths. Did I say overwhelmed? I meant disgusted. I basically want to rip these out of every head I see.

Dinner that night with all the stylists. See why I freaking love these girls?

We returned home on Monday, and the next day I couldn't keep this little one off of me, it was pretty much the most adorable thing.

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