Thursday, July 28, 2011

Four Parts of the Fourth

What a holiday! Stretched out over the weekend; we were more than exhausted once it was all over.

The 4th has always been my favorite holiday, but I quickly realized this year that having a kid definitely put a hampering on festivities, and it's so easy to get stressed out with the details and traditions. I just need to remind myself to let my hair down and ENJOY!

We kicked off the weekend on friday night at Chris and Tysen's gorging ourselves on quintessential summer sweets and treats and enjoying fireworks.

As I write this post, my heart is heavy for Chris and Tysen and his family. Chris' dear father, Larry, passed away last night. Although he's struggled with health issues the last few months his death was such a shock, and I cannot even imagine the heartache his sweet wife and kids are experiencing. As someone who has only known him about ten years, and has only experienced a small amount of the love, kindness and generosity he had to offer, I am so sad, so I cannot imagine what they are going through.

Larry was somewhat of a second dad to Tadd, and was there for him a lot in his teenage years. Larry is a lot of the reason Tadd made it as far as he did with his golf career, and I cannot thank him enough for all the support and encouragement he gave to Tadd over the years. He has deeply influenced Tadd, and will be sorely missed by the both of us.

Samson really enjoyed the little push car, and beeped that little horn to his heart's content!

Every time I turned around, Samson had something new in his mouth. Whether it was watermelon, ice cubes, sno cones or popcorn, he was well fed that evening and happy as a clam!

We were the party poopers of the evening, and left before dark. I figured missing one night of fireworks to put Samson down for the night at a decent time was well worth it, so we weren't dealing with a grouchy monster all weekend!

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