Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Midway Cabin

A couple weeks ago the girls and kids headed up to the Coxes cabin in Midway for a week of mountain air, crafting and good times.

Samson and I only went up one night, since I'm at the salon most nights. We went up with Shaley and Lucy on Wednesday without the intention of staying over, but Kecia coerced us into staying. And besides, before we knew it we had chatted and played so long it was late and dark out, and the canyon is pretty scary at night!

The kids love to mattress surf at the cabin, so I sent Samson down with Mazie a couple times to see what he thought of it. No change in expression. Sometimes this kid is SO his father.

Shaley, Lucy and I went down to a cute fabric store/boutique and a bakery Wednesday afternoon for a little outing. It was Lucy's first time in an umbrella stroller; she looks so tiny!
Sam loved to roam around the cabin getting into things we shouldn't, of course, and playing out on the back deck. The surroundings are so beautiful up there, and it was so nice falling asleep to the sound of the river below the cabin through my open window.

Unfortunately my sleep was short-lived. Sam decided to wake up at 4 AM, he doesn't do so well when he isn't in his own bed, so I tried to let him soothe himself back to sleep, but he wasn't having it, so in hopes that he wouldn't wake anyone else up, I picked him up only to find out he had soaked through his diaper, pajamas and sleepsack, and he was freezing from being wet. It was a nightmare trying to get him into new clothes, give him a bottle, and get him back to sleep all while trying not to wake anyone else up in the nearby rooms and in the family room. Then by the time we were back in our room, I had to sneak around in the dark and lie very still so he wouldn't know I was in his room with him.

Samson loves cousin Madi, and the two of them always have a great time together. She is also always such a great help to me!

Giving grandma a brief cuddle before bed.

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