Monday, August 31, 2009

Shower the Bride

The family/friends shower for Shaley was a success, and lots of fun!

We had the pleasure of meeting almost all of Roman's sisters (we'll meet the rest in Arizona in September), and his mother at the shower. Lots of girls in the Cox and Madsen clans!

Shaley with a few nieces

Opening Lindey's present, bet you could guess what a sister would buy the bride!

My gift wasn't suitable to post. Would've been inappropriate! If ya know what I mean...

A darling apron one of Roman's cousins made!

Cox girls.

Madsen girls (sisters, aunts, and mother)

And what would a shower be without yummy treats? We girls sure know treats!


Ryan and Tammy said...

That is so cute! A family of blondes...Then a family of brunettes. Okay so I'm a total dork

Mallory said...

haha no worries tammy, i totally noticed that too! :)

Josh and Jackie said...

Fun, I like how the cox family is all tan and dark hair and romans family is all white with blonde hair...I thought that was funny.

Cunning said...

I want a treat now, and a shower- as in the one where I would collect gifts.

Amber Ferran said...

Wow, all such beautiful girls in both families!!!

Jamie Hyde said...

They had the little Girls Dresses made. If she wants me to get her the ladies Number email me


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