Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fallon is Rude

Dear Fallon,

You had a tag on your blog, and didn't tag me. I'm offended. Therefore, tomorrow...I may jack up your bangs. Tough luck chick-a-dee. So, I tag myself.

{25 random things about me}

1. My favorite smell is rain. Mostly rain on cement, or water on cement. I've been caught wetting cement when I'm swimming and then just sniffing it. It smells so good I want to suck on it.
2. I want to be pregnant. Haven't tried to be, I just want to be.
3. I'm super clumsy lately. Just in the last two weeks: spilled a glass of milk on my in-laws keyboard, ruined it. Dropped my iPhone and put 13 cracks in the screen. Spilled 100% acetone on my dresser and pulled up the finish on it. Just in the last two weeks. Awesome.
4. I feel like my husband and I are getting boring. We don't go out much anymore, and it makes me sad.
5. Even after 24 years I still hate my smile. It's crooked from a birth defect, and I don't think I'll ever accept it. But at the same time I wonder if I'd look weird with a straight smile.
6. I hate giant bows/flowers on kids. Specifically, but not limited to, this. I'm sorry to all of you friends that do it, I love you dearly, but why are you doing this to your kids?
7. However, I do like wearing them myself. Go figure.
8. I don't wash my hair more than twice a week. Sometimes only once a week. You may find me disgusting, but it's just what I do. I hate washing it, drying it...the whole enchilada.
9. I love T.V. series. Not the weekly episode of a few T.V. series, but the entire season when it's out on DVD. I love to spend a week or two watching the entire season, preferably a few seasons. I love getting into a show when there are already 2 or more seasons, so I can waste that much more of my life.
10. 25 things is a lot of things. I'm getting bored.
11. I wish I could take class after class on updos. I need to get good at them, and I need to like them.
12. I have projects building up all around me, and I am determined to get them done. I am! A quilt, a dining table, a bench, a night stand, a laptop tray...hmmm, am I forgetting anything?
13. I am not concerned with making my bed. Tadd and I sleep under different blankets (no flat sheet, only a fitted beneath us), and it's too much of a hassle to fold up both blankets every morning and pull the comforter from the floor onto the bed. I'm lazy.
14. I have this idea in my head of an awesome style to wear, and I just don't think I can pull it off. I wish I had the guts to try it out. What if I look like a total fooooool?
15. I should lose at least 5 lbs so I can fit comfortably into my clothes again. Then again...if I want a new style, maybe I should outgrow all my clothes?
16. I cannot wait to have my own house. Preferably an old home with lots of charm and character that I can just love to death. I'm so excited to decorate and I have lots of ideas that I hope I can pull off.
17. Actually, there is a house on 2nd East in Provo that I would pay a million dollars for when it's maybe worth 230,000. I'd give my arm for it as well.
18. Lately I am so freaking emotional. Tough times call for tears. Or really (if you know me at all), any time calls for tears.
19. I hate all bugs, but mostly spiders. I believe I've already expressed this on my blog. I have a ridiculous fear that if I kill a spider it's family will come after me. Think Arachnid. If I were to overcome my family-of-spiders fear, I couldn't approach them to kill them since I'm convinced they'll jump on me.
20. I need help on my blog etiquette. Specifically, commenting. When someone comments on my blog should I always comment back? And if I do, am I supposed to go to their blog to respond, or do I respond on my own comment form?
21. Tadd and I are terrible at fighting. Usually I am unreasonable and emotional, and Tadd can't help but laugh at me in my ridiculousness. Is that terrible? Someday, we'll figure it out, I'm sure.
22. I will eat anything edible. I dislike a handful of things, but I'll still eat them. Peanut butter, don't really like. Rice, don't like. But you bet I've eaten them both in the last week. I just love food.
23. I seriously can't believe I'm going to be here for another Utah winter. Not happy about it.
24. I want to have a deep dark secret to send in to PostSecret (reader discretion advised).
25. I want some butter and raspberry jam on white toast. Right now. So, I think I'll go get some.

Good Evenin'


Ryan + Jess said...

I'm totally with you on the huge flower's for babies things.Especially when they are larger than the babies head. Hello! But they are cute on you...

Fallon said...

i get it now! please dont be mad at me caitlyn. i was afraid you would think i was weird if i tagged you. please dont jack up my bangs. or i will go to your hair blog and post horrific things :)
payback is a beautiful thing. muahahahahah see you today!

[Morgan] said...

ha! sorry but my ellie looks adorable with a flower in her white hair. medium size only please though. those flowers on your link were HUGE. i would pay good money to see you wear one of those babies around town... ha ha.
i think you are stupid for not liking your smile. can i say that? i think it's my favorite thing about your pretty face silly!
and as far as blog etiquette? i have none. but, i do think that responding to comments via email is the best way to go. if you are set up to receive email notices when someone leaves you a comment that is.

Cunning said...

so good to get to know you 25 times better

Jaime Stephens said...

That was fun I enjoy reading this tag on people.. I can't think of 25 things on me but other people that is fun. That post secret website is funny thanks for giving us entertainment at work today :-).
That flower on that baby wow I can't believe she can hold up her head... And love Ashleys haircut nice work... You are amazing.. I am almost needing another haircut and looking forward to it..

Erin said...

I like small bows and flowers on kids, but I HATE those huge ones. And that one you linked to was the biggest one I've ever seen! I feel like buying it for someone as a gag gift, it's so ridiculous.

Danny and Shalayne said...

I hear ya about the huge flowers/bows on babies heads. WHY?!?!?! It baffles me and I feel bad for the children. everyone is going to look back and hate themselves/their parents for doing this.

Don't worry...I also wear them too.

Steph said...

Just caught up on your blog. And like you...the whole comment/blog thing really confuses me. But, I wanted to leave you a comment and tell you how hilarious you are. Every time I stop in and catch up on your beautiful life, it just makes me smile. Yours is one of a handful of blogs that I actually laugh out loud while reading. So thanks. :)
Also, I love your crooked smile. I always envied it in hair school-it's seriously the cutest thing...I hope you like it someday. A friend of mine has a daughter with a crooked little smile, and she winks when she does it. The call it her pirate smile...and I love it! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_y07bmegnKTQ/SkbpsqyjsfI/AAAAAAAAEm4/vp5blhGgCz0/s1600-h/P1050202.JPG


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