Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reunited Again

The girls are back in town!

Well, were. For one night 5 of the 6 Steel Magnolias were together again. And it was magnificent.

Wahoo! Loving my friends.

CPK. A must.

Mary must've been really hungry to try and eat my flower.

And she thinks she can do the Charleston!

My dear TT who I hardly see since she's so in love.

They would be taking pictures of themselves.

My Jessie

Utah. Nevada. Utah. Utah. Texas
Utah. Nevada. Colorado. Idaho. Utah.

I'm told I'm the one known for never taking a serious picture, but really...check out Mary.

I love that we all have our cameras; inspecting recently taken pictures.
We sure missed Carrie!

Jessica is always the pretty one.

What would a girls night be without a billion pictures? Thank you Preston!

I love my girls. There is a lot to say about a group of girls that can go 6 months without seeing each other, and pick up right where we left off.

Friendship is so important to me, and these girls fulfill my need for it to a "T". And who would've thought I'd meet such well rounded, great girls at hair school? Not me!

Thank you for all you are to me, girls. I love you!


rookie cookie said...

You forgot the part where you saw me and Ethan at CPK and then you asked me to put your name on the prayer roll while we were at the temple.

The Cannon Family said...

aww caitlyn that makes me wanna cry. I lava you!


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