Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

With our move to Las Vegas around the corner, Tadd and I decided to take to a trip down there for our anniversary since we needed to find an apartment anyway.

Few highlights from the trip:

Staying at the MGM Signature Condo
Creme Brulee
Dinner at Yard House, twice
The Proposal with Jessie and Erica
Valet Parking
Time alone with Tadd
Swimming with pool side service
Finding an apartment!

I took a total of two pictures...

Driving home

All the beer kegs in the Yard House
Clearly, I always capture what is most important!


[Morgan] said...

you guys are hot in your shades.

Ryan + Jess said...

Fun anniversary trip - I'm glad you found a place to live! So great to just get away for awhile...

chadandash said...

Happy Anniversary! Thank you again so much for the spur of the moment bang makeover. You are a genius!! Wish you the best of luck with the move and school.

A1C HURS said...

How do you always get the star treatment every where you go? Come to Germany. We've got an H&M like ten minutes away!

Janeen said...

Sounds like you really ha a super time. BTW ment one of Tadd's friends today, Andrew Huntsman, he is marrying a SUPER girl from our ward.

Miss you tons xoxo


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