Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"To the Windows...to the Walls!..."

A few weeks ago (real time blogging is SO overrated) I headed up to Hobble Creek canyon with some friends for camping! My idea of camping isn't actually staying out overnight. As long as I have the scent of campfire in my hair, I've camped.

Morgan and I drove up in my car, planning to follow the trucks up to our campsite, until I heard the horrific sound of scraping and grinding under my car. We nixxed that plan asap, and jumped into Celina's truck. A whole hour and a half later, and we were settled at one of the 75 campsites we tried to stop at.

I thoroughly enjoyed my night of roasting marshmallows, chasing a blown away tent, good friends, treats and quad riding. Unfortunately, Tadd was at a golf tournament until late, or I would've enjoyed him too!

Celina driving a million miles to our campsite

Bree, her friend Brady and Morgan.

It was a little cold and a lot windy!

Celina, Ashley, Morgan and me. Where's Kristen!?

Joe and Sarah with Ashley and Ryan's dog, Moose.

Morgan rode down the mountain with me to my car at the end of the night. I'm not all that experienced in driving a quad, so thank goodness we made it!


Single Girl said...

muah ha ha ha ha ha

I wish we had chanted and thanked mother earth while we were camping.

iM glad you guys didnt die on your way down, I thought FOR SURE you had.

"yeah there was no way her car was going to make it"

A1C HURS said...

This has nothing to do with camping, but I'm really likin your hair that color! The smell of campfire so doesn't count as actual counting Caitlyn...

aLiCe said...

You never wanted to do fun things like this with us. meanie head.


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