Monday, July 6, 2009

Think Pink!

With Haley's first on the way, a shower was definitely in order, so the sisters got to work organizing a shower just for Addison Hall, and the MTB (mom-to-be).

My MIL, Camme, was so great and housed the shower after a little snafu on my part (something about forgetting to sign the paperwork for the library, I forget all the details...).

Whitney was all over the food, making sure the guests were well fed, while I took on the activity. We don't do games. They are just silly, but Whitney had the fantastic idea of making bows and headbands for the baby! (I told Tadd the plan was to make bows and headbands and he asked, "for who?" Men.)

Haley with some high school girlfriends: Chaliese, Tiffany and Jana

The table with bow making fixings.

Family and friends hard at work!

Ava with Penny Stott. Ava definitely needs her mommy to have another baby!

Same girls with Lindey...maybe she'll be the next one pregnant!

Tiffany's gift to Haley, courtesy of her sister's business, Kid Design.

Diaper cake from Marie with some onesies from England!

The only pink thing Jana has ever bought!

Name sign from one of Haley's crafty Aunts!
All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful shower! We can't wait for Addison to arrive!

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JOBI said...

Hey Caitlyn... I love the name your sister picked for her little girl..


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