Friday, February 27, 2009

Seattle Day Uno

Day one - come and gone. Kristen and I flew in at noon, and had made it to Nordstrom Rack by 2 p.m. Now that's dedication.

Post shopping, we de-plane-ed ourselves and headed to Tacoma for a distributor meeting where Kristen gave a fabulous presentation and showed me the ropes, so I can attend the next meeting by myself!
Problem: am I even old enough to rent a car?

Heading to Tacoma

We instantly headed for the Cullen's after the meeting. Direction were faulty, however, and we ended up at The Cheesecake Factory. Almost as good.

Tamale cakes. Honestly not as good as I wanted them to be. Should've gone for the usual avocado roll.

Sporing our gifits from Lisa Kendall (more to come on her). What a sweetHEART!


Cunning said...

First- my arm looks like a drumstick- remove at once. (The pic, not my arm) Second- I LOVE TAMALE CAKES. Third- edward wouldn't have you, however I bet Billie Black would.

Em & Gar said...

you're friends comment totally makes me giggle.
and just so's ya know, you can in fact rent a car, but you have to pay an extra fee for being under 25.

yes i really just wrote that as a comment. scuse' me while i snort and push my glasses up...

don't we have a play date coming up?

meg said...

So my birthday is next month.

I know what I want.


cat+tadd said...

Her heart flutters for you.

meg said...

P.S. I like it when you post. I like it so much that my heart gets a flutterin'.


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