Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pinata Birthday

Birthday boy flasing his age. By the look on Jeff's face, I'd say Justin's lying.

Kristen with the newest crony in Exec support

Really Caitlyn? Wash your hair.

The whole gizzity gang

3D cake, compliments of Bree

Our 30 lb pinata Bree and I hung with fishing line
It withstood two giant whacks. Not bad.

Celina in her rarest form
Happy Bizzle Rizzle J-Rizzle


Single Girl said...

Celina, REALLY stop looking stupid.

Thrifty and Thriving said...

3D cake that took 6 hours to make. Minor details, but well worth it! Haha

Deborah Goodman said...

It was fun to recognize some old "Skinners" in those pictures, Caitlin. Your blog is a lot of fun. Hope you are doing well!

Deborah Goodman said...

I mean, "Caitlyn." Sorry!

Turpin's said...

Ha I love the would be so proud of me, I went 6 days without washing my hair. Brent was like Carrie that is so yucky! Haha

SarahPreston said...

I need to switch to work with you! I feel like work birthdays are happening all the time, and that you guys have too much fun


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