Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day Dos

Splendid day: spent some time in fantastic Bellevue, Corbin is oh-so-jealous. Ate at Daniel's on the 21st floor of the Hyatt, delicious steak (I didn't ask for A1, first time in 23 years).

Kristen and I with Yolanda, a lady I have the pleasure of working with in my new role.
View of Bellevue from Daniel's. Seattle skyline straight ahead.
If I didn't have the short term memory of an 80 year old I could tell you what this harbor is called...pretty though, huh?

It's really unfortunate, but this is how I look in heavy traffic. Heading to Olive Garden for a recognition dinner for our bracelet-gifting-distributor-friend, the main purpose Kristen and I came out to Seattle (the dinner, not the receipt of said bracelets).

Lisa, our shining star (or shining Diamond, I should say) and her husband Tom. We LOVE them. Lisa has a heart of gold, and Tom is painfully funny. Is it bad to have a crush on him?

Another favorite distributor, Sue! I shall never forget the conversation we had about where her laser hair removal specialist has had to laser on the job. I think I piddled a little...

Just so happens Five for Fighting was at our hotel when we got back, or some band that so badly wanted to sound like them anyway.

Smashing day, quite splendid indeed.
*I miss Edward*


Cunning said...

Lets go back.

Shanicherie said...

Caitlyn! I totally had a dream about me and you last night! We were skiing and we were freakin awesome! And for some reason, we were dressed in really adorable outfits...not any sort of ski gear! Haha. Love it!

Kar said...

Isn't the Seattle area just fantastic? I was born in Bellevue so I have a soft spot for there.

Tom's hair is fabulous.

meg said...

Like how Buffy has had to TEACH classes on how to wax a man's entire situation?

Mal Robin said...

Maybe that picture of you is fantastic, and maybe Funny Pants is flipping someone off in the background?


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