Saturday, July 7, 2012

Small Rememberings

As of about a month ago, Samson started counting to 12 on his own, but only when we aren't asking him to.

The other day I sang, "M, N, O, P, Q", and he finished with, "R, S, T". I was shocked!

He is talking like a mad man, and surprises us everyday with something new. Yesterday it was, "Hey! Guess what!?"

He is still the craziest kid I ever did meet, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Samson currently has hand, foot and mouth disease, and is just covered in blisters. We first noticed them the morning of July 4th on his groin and thigh area, and they spread so quickly that by the 5th they were everywhere. I assumed since they weren't just on his hands, feet and mouth that it was something else, maybe heat rash, but the doctor confirmed it to be H, F and M. It's been outrageous this year, and presents itself all over the body. Poor kid.

We've been through the Cars and Toy Story phase, touched on Hercules and Tarzan, and are now dwelling on Madagascar, or "Alex" as Sam refers to it at times. Favorite shows are Dinosaur Train, Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Phineas and Ferb.

We are totally buddies, and both have an obsession for each other. It's strange to actually be carrying on conversations with this little child of mine, is he already old enough for that???

He is the wildest little man in the pool, never seen anything like it! Without warning one night, he yelled to Tadd that he was going off the diving board, and just ran over and did it! It's tricks along those lines all the time. NO FEAR.

He has a screech of joy higher than any girl I've ever heard.

Since dumping the binki a few days after his birthday, (which, for the record, I miss much more than him. A little essence of babiness...gone) Sam's attachment to his blanket has grown immensely, adding to it, his sleepsack. He carries that around almost just as much as his blanket.

Very drawn to babies, and just wants to smother them!

Nursery is a work in progress, but the idea of church definitely appeals to him. When it comes to nursery, he can't decide whether to cry because I leave him there, or to cry because he has to leave the Play-Doh behind when I pick him up.

Our favorite thing he does lately is after we close a prayer he yells, "Amen Jesus!" Born again Christian...that's how we do things 'round here!

Closing his eyes to pray...oh the effort it takes...

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Jenna said...

adorable! love reading about all of the cute quirks this boy has & sensing your love "obsession" for him :)


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