Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Kids Five and Under

Back in February Tadd and I watched Chris and Tysen's kids for a few days while they went to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion (who actually cancelled her show the day of because she was sick. How awful!)

I actually had a lot of fun dressing a little girl while we stayed there, but that doesn't at all mean I'm ready to have a girl of my own! *harrowing teenage years*

Bubble baths with a shower after were a huge hit.

Chris and Tysen had left each of the kids with a book to open up one night. Sam got one too, it was so sweet!

All gray leggies!

My little errand buddy!

Tadd and I took the big kids to Trafalga one night to miniature golf!

And celebrated our victories with Dippin' Dots afterward.

I regularly forgot Sammy's jimjams, so he got to sport Lyla's most nights.

Our greeny day.

Enjoying our nightly ritual in SUPER SIZE!

I wanna squeeze those cheeks all day long.

Sunday morning. All five kids, on time for 11:00 sacrament meeting. I felt we deserved medals.

However, this sweet girl passed out while I was curling her hair. It was kinda scary! She was really brave though!

Lyla was such a joy to feed because she'll eat and eat! Something I wish my own child would do. Such a silly little girl!

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