Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Valentines

Crazy to think that as I write this, these two little doll babies are already 2 months old! My rockstar SIL and BIL, Kecia and Kris, made it all the way to Kecia's scheduled C-section on February 13th with these girlies! Four months of bed rest, an impromptu surgery in CA, and tax season, along with four other kids! These two deserve a medal! Poor Kecia also underwent gallbladder surgery a few weeks after the babies were born. It's been a rough go for them, but we're hoping and praying it's only downhill from here!

I got to meet them on Valentine's Day, so Sam and I only felt it appropriate to give them little valentines cards!

They are such sweet little angels, and I couldn't imagine two better parents for them!

Valentine's Date. We cannot take a normal picture.

Chris and Tysen offered to watch all the kids while the parents went out that night, so Sam enjoyed some cousin time while we did NOT fight the crowds, and dined at Mountain West Burrito, then hit up Target. We are so romantical.

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Nickell said...

I also love how Tadd's head is scalloped in the ones you took of the two of you. It's kind of amazing.


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