Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Remember...

Sam is learning his colors, his favorite so far being blue, or "boo cuh-yur" as he calls it. Sometimes he points out "geen".

"Ok" is a big agreement term around our house. And when his answer is "no", it's become "No-K".

Sam is very, VERY attached to me right now (something I doubt I'll ever forget), and although it is mostly frustrating, stressful and a titch annoying, my heart just melts when he reaches up to me (wailing or not), and says "I want hold you". I never want to forget those big brown eyes, his arms reaching toward me, and little feet on tip toes.

Samson can also be very intense. He's been doing this teeth-clenching, cheek-shaking, grab-my-face, show-of-love (???) thing. Where does this kid come from!

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