Monday, February 13, 2012

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas morning this year at home for the first time ever, and loved it! It felt a little different since we've never done that since we've been married, but I think it'll be fun from here on out to spend the holiday with my little family. At least a part of it!

Tadd and I prepped for Christmas morning after Sammy fell asleep Christmas Eve, while watching White Christmas of course! It was adorable watching Tadd take such care while putting together Samson's train table, the man is a perfectionist!

Why is it that stockings always seem to hold much less than we remembered?

Sammy's first glimpse of Christmas!

The stocking was a hit, and he began pulling things out himself before too long.

Typical child-by-presents-under-the-Christmas-tree picture

Nothing is better than watching your child experience the magic of Christmas. I loved watching these two open gifts together and then play with Sam's toys. It was all I wanted for that morning.

Opening the train set we ended up taking back because the kid is just too young for it. He's more than satisfied with IKEA train tracks and little trains. Chuggington ones, of course.

Apparently he REALLY loved his train table.

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