Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a gift exchange at Kris and Kecia's in the morning and a delicious breakfast to kick off Christmas Eve! The adults drew each other's names and the kids did the same. 

Chris (or rather, Tysen) got me some texting gloves and this bracelet, which I'm obsessed with!

Lyla gave Sam these great flashcards, one of which he promptly ripped. Punk.

Tysen gave Tadd a shirt and a Visa gift card. I guess it was just a year of the DeMartini's giving to the Coxes!

There were the traditional games and chicken noodle soup at Grandma Camme's (Maga, as Sam calls her), which is always a great time.

Well, most of the time...

Samson obviously found multiple things to play with that are NOT toys, as is his M.O. 

The ever popular fish pond!

Christmas, although not Christmasy at all, jimjams

Ava is such a sweetheart with Samson, always playing with him and making him laugh. 

PS: as you can see, I will be halfassing all of my posts until I'm caught up. You're welcome.

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