Sunday, February 19, 2012

At the Moment

.I am sitting on the couch while the husband is bustling around cleaning the house. It's sort of his Sunday routine, I wouldn't dare get in the way of it!

.There is a sleeping tot in his crib that I had to move away from the wall since it turns out he is getting taller (maybe those short leggies are growing?), and likes to swat the pictures off the wall. Turkey.

.I just polished off a bowl of Hot Tamales, which Sam thought he'd try today, and naturally there is now a red stain on our rug where he spit it out.

.We just watched the most recent Desperate Housewives episode and I'm still mad at Susan for trying to convince her daughter to keep her illegitimate child. I am a firm believer in adoption. It is most often best for the birth parents, the adoptive parents and especially the baby! Susan's an idiot.

.Last night was miserable. I felt myself coming down with something all day, but I had a full schedule of hair appointments (8 hours worth), so I pushed through it. By the time I got home I was shaking with chills, so weak I could barely stand, achier than I'd ever felt, and my head was pounding. Tadd was nice enough to let me go lay in bed even though he'd had Sam alllll day. Cold sweats and heat waves all night long. (Am I going through menopause?) Luckily this morning I felt a little better. This winter has sucked.

.Thinking about my darling niece, Claire Katherine, in her beautiful blessing dress today. Her daddy gave her a lovely blessing, and we enjoyed time with family afterward at Haley and Jon's.

.Cars and Cars 2 are quickly becoming a daily occurence. Multiple times. I sort of love it.

.Playing roughly 12 games in Scramble with Friends, and actually winning about half. Not too bad for a rookie.

.We are hoping to go snuggle our new twin nieces this week, Claire (we get two Claire's!) and Livvy. We are so grateful they arrived safe and sound!

.Lamenting over the fact that I fail to provide healthy meals for my little family. I have expectations of myself as a housewife, basically none of which I've met. After I sort out a few things around here I am determined to cook regular meals for my husband and son. It is pathetic how badly I've dropped the ball on this one.

.Packing up 12-18 mo clothing tonight since the kid will not stop growing! Although, there is nothing like seeing Samson learn daily and absorb so much of his surroundings. Tonight he started yelling to me, "Momma! Come here!" so he could show me that he'd pushed his toy box out of his room (of course). I get so much joy hearing him talk and add more and more words to his vocabulary.


Law Rhen said...

loved this post. i love true cox.

whitneyingram said...

Dude. The offer always stands. I am more than happy to help you formulate a simple, inexpensive meal plan. Just say when.


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