Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fantastic Sister #1

Here are the types of things Sister {1} does for me. And really, many other people.

House warming gift, and first bit of food in our house!

Notice the scissors tied on top. Why, you ask? Dear Grandma Sally used to cut our Totinos pizzas with scissors when we stayed over at her house. Our own individual pizzas, mind you. And at the age of oh, 7 or so. You bet I did my best to down the whole thing, but was never successful. 'Tis not the case anymore!

A bit of decor for the child's nursery, and I heart it oh so very much!

Such talent, that Megan-sister of mine has! And I'm so lucky I get to reap the benefits of her finished work!

Oh, and yes, that's a chalkboard wall in our kitchen (thanks to some extra chalkboard paint mamasita had). It's super rad.


Andrea said...

Yes, she is incredibly talented and what a great gift!

Sparks said...

I'm a big believer in buying love.

I'm glad it's working on you.

kecia said...

ok i used to LOVE those pizzas! Now I am craaving one! I am really intrigued to see this cute house of yours!


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