Friday, June 18, 2010

Failed Photographer

I was scolded today by Sister 1 that I'm not posting enough pictures of our new dude. Fair enough, since she does live all the way out in Reno, (who just lives in Reno?) and she hasn't had a chance to hold my squeaky son. Seriously, you should hear him. Uh-dorable.

However, I'd like to defend myself. No internet makes for a difficult time posting pics, so the current solution is blogging from my iPhone. You'll have to excuse the poor quality photos.

Third night home from the hospital. Such a little old man squishy face.

Loves the CuddleBag

A favorite position of Samson's and his dad's

A picture I sent to Tadd to show him how relaxed his boy was after throwing up all over me yesterday morning.

You'll notice he loves being swaddled, which Tadd has mastered, but will most often wiggle his hands out and up around his face.

We are basically smitten with this little one, as we should be, and boy...are we tired as well!


Sparks said...

Yes, you all can thank me for my phone message today. Without me, you wouldn't be getting another look at this little Coxie boy.

Thanks, dear sister. It's about damn time. Keep up the good work. Now you're doing a good job at all three of your jobs. Nice.

meg said...

be prepared to spend the next 18 years being tired AND smitten!! LOL!! welcome to motherhood, can't wait to read all about it from you! he is seriously so adorable, i bet you are kissing those cheeks as much as you can!!! so happy for you!

Keisha said...

he's perfect, seriously.

Andrea said...

Congratulations again!

Haley said...

I love him. So much. Thank you Megan!

kecia said...

he is so cute! i love his little squeel and I LOVED snuggling with him yesterday!


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