Thursday, March 12, 2009


The moment you've all been waiting for...professional, stunning photos of the new Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!
(photo by Ashley Thalman Photography)

Be sure to click on the links Ashley has provided at the bottom of her post. The slideshow is my favorite.


Eliza said...

is so beautiful. I love her hair, and her DRESS is Amazing!

vanderpoolred said...

huh huh, you said "johnson"

Jessica said...

I am a bit embarrassed that am contacting you through blogging, but sadly I don't have your number. I am in the hunt for a new hair dresser. I wanted to know if I can schedule an appointment with you, I need a trim because I am trying to grow my hair out, and am in that dreaded "middle length" stage.

cat+tadd said...

I can't see which Jessica this is! Email me at and we'll get something set up!


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