Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enjoying Christmas

We soaked up as much of Christmas break as we could, and enjoyed each others company, lots of family time, great food and played with Sam's new toys.

Walked in on this Christmas night, and about died. 

 The kid may have gone on a few caffeine benders.

I guess we played with Tadd's toys too. :)

Oh, that belly. 

Insisted on Dad's new remote control truck accompanying us to Grandma and Grandpa's.

That Violet girl and her love of food. So adorable.

Watching nephew Jack beam with pride as he read to his brother and aunt's was the sweetest thing.

Mom's UNREAL bread pudding.

Sprinkles cupcakes brought by Internet Jessica. She's real.

Leaving Mom's one evening at 3AM after a lot of chat-chat-chatting. We girls do it good.

Chuck E. Cheese's. Where a child gets his wiggles out, and contracts many communicable diseases.

Off roading like a champ

Taking Miss Nora out for a cruise.

Surrounding himself with fun, new things to play with.

These magnetic letters have been so fun for Sam, and has sparked an interest in the alphabet. Repeating the alphabet after us has become a fave around here.

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