Friday, March 26, 2010

Betty Lou

A few weeks back I drove to California with my dad, sister and her baby girl to visit my sweet grandma who is recuperating. She sure is a fighter! And through everything she's kept up her great sense of humor, and really knows how to make light of her situation.

I so enjoyed visiting her, and my fabulous aunts, Marcy and Robin, who have taken fantastic care of my lil' grammy.

It's so sweet to see my dad around his mom, it's so obvious how much he loves and misses her, and she, him. California is too far away!

Grams is sporting a seriously cool fauxhawk, and I'm sporting a super puffy face.

A 10 hour drive on Saturday and then again on Monday ended up taking it's toll on poor little Addison, but really only near the end. She was such a trooper! I think the above picture perfectly depicts how she felt near the end. "Get me the hell out of this carseat"

How did I entertain her for the last hour? Licorice (which she LOVED) and about a million new verses to "The Wheels on the Bus", most of which were very inappropriate. She doesn't understand, right?


Jessica said...

She is so cute I can't stand it!!!! Her little faces are so cute!

Haley said...

Dang she is cute. Whoever her mother is must be a freaking knock out.

Modestkini said...

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