Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving Thanks and Gaining Weight

We spent Thanksgiving at the Coxes this year and my, was it delicious! I took my last Zofran that day so I could really enjoy the giant meal! Now I really wish I still had some...

Typical couple shot by the table

Griffin sampling the relish tray

Steve carving the delicious turkey

After dinner we spent some time lounging around napping, watching football, or crafting a bit.

Later that evening we went down to the fire station to drop off a pie to thank them for all they do (Lacey and Rick's idea)! The firefighters were so great and took us on a tour of the firetrucks! Such a great holiday!

And yes, I'm thankful for many things! Please don't shun me from the blogosphere for not listing them all.


Ryan + Jess said...

Yum. Looks like a good holiday for YOU! Thanks for the updates...even though you aren't feeling great. Hopefully that will end soon, right??

A1C HURS said...

Gotta love your ever present Diet Coke on the table! Sorry you're still so sick. I totally lucked out in the morning sickness category, but now I'm super anemic which totally blows. I'm not sure which I'd rather have.

cat+tadd said...

Surprisingly, that's not my Diet Coke! I haven't had it in weeks! It's like I've lost a part of just tastes so yucky since I've been sick!

Steph said...

Don't worry-you'll get it back. I went 16 weeks with zero carbonation, and getting it back was like Christmas.
Glad to hear you're on Zofran-that was the only thing that helped the first 3 months for me. Plus it's so expensive! I hope you get more soon. And better yet, that you feel better soon! There's an end to this awful time, I promise!

Kim said...

It has been awhile. Looks like your feeling better. Isn't Zofran the pill of awesomeness.


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