Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Polar Express

Aaaaalllll Aboard!

This year for Christmas Tadd's parents gave us the experience of riding the Polar Express to the North Pole! On the Heber Creeper, of course.

The gift was mostly for the kids, but we adults definitely benefited from it as well! Unfortunately, Tadd was in St. George at a golf tournament (which he won), but that meant I got to take Jack as my date!

The whole gang minus Steve, who was the photographer through most of the night.

Cox family

Leishman Family

DeMartini Family

Adrie ready to board the train. Don't you love her little boots Tadd and I got her for her birthday? She was so sweet, near the end of the train ride she wanted to come up and show me that she wore them on this special night.

My date and me. Jack LOVED the Polar Express, and Whitney told me he'd been playing conductor for days afterward.

Just to show how happy Jack was. It's hard to get him to pose for one picture, let alone about a dozen that night!

After hot chocolate and cookies we settled in for our ride up to the North Pole!
Reading the Polar Express, and seeing the anticipation in the kids eyes was so fun!

Roman, Shaley, Griffin, and Adrie with one of the elves. Either Mike or Ike...

Ellie, Kyra and Mazie


Chris, Tysen, Griffin and Crew

Lacey, Rick and Andrew

Crew looks so sweet and content here, can't say the same about him once Santa came aboard! The poor kid was terrified of him!

Once we'd reached our destination Santa came aboard and asked each and every child what they wanted for Christmas, and handed them a bell!
The kids were so excited to tell Santa what they wanted.
For Jack: A Transformers guy
For Ava: A Jack in the Box
To name a couple...

I love this one of Griffin

And of Andrew. Priceless!

After Santa came aboard we headed back to the train station while singing Christmas carols with the reader, elves and chefs.

Punching tickets like in the book!

Mrs. Clause even made an appearance near the end!

Overall, it was definitely an experience to remember, and the kids had the most fun of all, just as it should be!

Thank you Steve and Camme for this great Christmas memory!


Jessica said...

I am so jealous!!! I want to do this so bad!!!!!! I just feel creepy going with no kids! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!

MH said...

I've been on this and it's so fun...for children or adults...although I wish the servers would have danced around and poured hot chocolate from the ceiling and stuff like that.
Congrats on the little babe too!

Jaime Stephens said...

That is such a fun idea it looks really fun...


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