Monday, October 12, 2009

Ten - Oh Nine - Oh Nine

Shaley and Roman's wedding day was just perfect!

Everything went so well, and the couple couldn't have looked happier the whole day!

The day started out at 8 A.M. in my bathroom for hair and make-up. I was a titch nervous that Shaley would be a jittery wreck (as she had forewarned), therefore making the whole experience a disaster. Luckily, she was excited and looking forward to the big day...only a few butterflies!

The only hitch of the day was when Tadd headed out to the Provo temple, which would've made for a delightful ceremony...however, the sealing was to take place at Mt. Timpanogas! Thank goodness Grandpa set him straight! (I was being the silent backseat passenger...or rather completely clueless as to what was going on).

We did make it on time, and luckily we didn't have to replay the events of Haley's wedding...(disaster), and the sealing was wonderful!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Madsen!

SO beautiful and SO handsome!

The girls were fascinated with Shaley's dress and just couldn't get enough of her!

Children of the day from Shaley's side of the family!

Lindey, Myself, Lacey, Roman, Shaley, Kecia, Tysen and Camme

Cox sisters!

Roman with four of his five sisters (Candice, Rissa, Hayley and Natalie). Unfortunately, Rachel is pregnant and veeery sick so she wasn't able to come. We definitely missed her!

Tadd was the most adorable of all! Wouldn't you say?

At the luncheon listening to Uncle Del read his famous poem. Knee slapper, I tell ya!

Shaley with all the brothers, Shaley with all the sisters, Roman with all the brothers, and all the siblings with their spouses smoochin'! (Rick and Lacey were just about there)

Chris and Tysen with their kids, the bride and groom with all the kids, and Kris and Kecia with their kids.
I don't have one of the Leishmans, or I'd post that too! Maybe Lacey should blog, so I could steal one... tee hehe!

All the sisters in their fancy dresses!

More kids!
L-R: Kris and Bree, Tadd and the dudes in their sweater vests, Addison kickin' back, Myself and Breezy, Kecia with her girls, Tadd and Crew, Haley and Addison, Uncle Tadd and Addison

The deeelicious reception food. Courtesy of Rockwell Catering!

Some happy couples!
Stupid buttcrack bangs

The cutting of the cake.
So glad they fed each other traditionally!

Retrieving of the garter. Always entertaining!

Hayley catching the bouquet! Check out the determination in Adrie's eyes as she runs after that bouquet!

First dance as husband and wife! Can I hear a collective, "awwwwwwe"?

And where were the boys during all of this? In the players lounge downstairs...naturally!

Catching a photographic moment with the bride before taking off on their honeymoon!

Heading out the door for their weekend away!

Such a perfect, special day!

The neatest thing of the day would've been all the Cox siblings and their spouses present at the sealing. There was a very special spirit in the room, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of such a great experience!

Congratulations Shay and Roman! We wish you the BEST in your new life together!


Bryson.. Melissa.. BryLee said...

Haha love the basket...

Anne said...

I'm in love with her bouquet! Do you by any chance know what kind of flowers those are?

Peter & Darise said...

Everything looked so perfect. You're such a sweet sis-in-law to take so many pictures. they turned out really cute.

chadandash said...

So glad I got to see pictures finally! Ah her dress! Give Shaley a huge hug for me. What a beautiful wedding. Thanks for posting such great pics. love you guys! (still got the bangs ;)


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