Monday, October 5, 2009

Arizona Events

Well...a trip was made to Mesa, AZ as part of the wedding festivities! The reasons were threefold:

1. Roman and Shaley's open house at the Madsen residence.
2. Shaley took out her endowment in the Mesa temple.
3. Family fun and lots of laughs!

First night we arrived we headed over to Roman's parents house for dinner and Shaley's birthday celebration. We needed to make up for it somehow since we drove for 10 hours on her actual birthday!

We were welcomed with some excellent Mexican food and introductions with the rest of the family!

Shaley, Camme, Tysen, Natalie Madsen Hall, Lacey, Candice Madsen

Chris and Tadd really enjoyed freaking out Natalie's twins with their fireworks. I think Tadd was sad to leave those boys, and even more sad to find out they won't be coming to the wedding! Chris was planning on welcoming them to Utah with a giant lot of fireworks!

I looove this guy!

All the couples on the night of the open house!

Roman's family put on a little program for the happy couple about their story. Here are Roman's sisters, Hayley and Rissa, reading the script.

Roman's mom and her friends who are quite the professionals!

Have you seen a happier bride? :)

The two brothers with the sisters-in-law.

Clockwise L-R: Shaley with her new in-laws, Lindey and Steve, Lacey and her good friend Lisa (who showed us some great shopping places! Bless you, Last Chance!), Ourselves, Shay and Roman

We tried to hit up the local Dairy Queen after the open house for a shake and fries, but unfortunately the "lobby" was closed. This lobby could've been confused with a hallway!

The next morning we attended a session at the Mesa Temple for Shaley's endowment. I absolutely loved that temple, it was so incredible! It's really old, and the outside looks like an ancient ruin. The inside is even cooler!

In just four days this couple will be married for time and all eternity!

I look like a blazing fire in the middle. By the way, it was actually blazing hot. Coincidence?

Some great present opening was done after the temple and some delicious lunch. I'd say this couple really lucked out with their gifts! I think I'll get married Tadd of course! Don't get any ideas...

All in all, the trip was a success and such a fun change of pace!

Stay tuned for pictures of the Diamondbacks game in the stifling heat...


Candice said...

I live here in mesa, and im like 5 min from the temple!

[Morgan] said...

such pretty people:)


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