Monday, December 12, 2011

Times at the Salon

I spend many, many hours at the salon these days (which I truly love), whether it's moving up my extensions, coloring my hair once every four months (bless you, ombre), and most often beautifying my clients!

Why do I have extensions, you may ask? I NEED them. See picture below for evidence...(and excuse the gross curls)

Due to the birth of my lovely child, I lost ridiculous amounts of my hair, and although it is growing back, it's at a rate slower than most. I'm not ready to chop my hair off, since it did grow a decent amount while I was pregnant and then for three months after having Sam I had fairly awesome least for me. 

Additionally, I have brought in seven new clients just because of my extensions to give them their own! Walking billboard, I am...if I do say so myself.



At the rate I'm doing hair some days, my trusty mug is what gets me through! Filled with The Nectar of the Gods of course!

When one of these two hooligans come in, we force the other to come in as well, whether it's to touch up their hair or not. ALWAYS a good time with Mar and Mal. (Marli is one of these aforementioned new clients.)


allie kowallis said...

Your hairs are just sexy yo! Little Sam is freakin cute. I hope our kids arranged marriage is still on!!! Ha ha

Tiana Van Dyke said...

My dear Cat,
I'm in love with your hair no matter what but I am impressed what those extensions do. It makes me want them. Speaking of hair, Lets do something with mine!

Mal said...

When can we come into the salon again??



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