Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Don't take this as a sign of many posts to come...I just happen to be reeeally bored right now...

October came and went so dang fast, but without much hoopla. Naturally Halloween was a main event, and also finding out we are expecting a little June bug! Other than that...I have nothing else to report.

Starting at the top: Madi - Tootsie Roll, Milo - Cowboy, Crew - Monkey, Ellie - Hippie, Mazie - Indian, Kyra - Gypsie, Ava - Kitty, Griffin - Monkey, Andrew - Batman, Adrie - Bumblebee,
Bree - Cow, Addison - Zebra, Jack - Army guy, Van - Santa Clause

Me, Lacey, Tysen, Shaley, Kecia, Lindey

We spent Halloween with the Coxes this year, and since it wasn't ridiculously cold out I headed out with the trick-or-treaters!

My favorite picture of the night. Bree was enjoying herself so much that she tended to wander off a little. Kris found this was the most effective way to bring her back to the herd.

Other Halloween activities I participated in...
Pumpkin Carving (post to come later)
Thriller (deleted my pictures like a fool)
Witches Night (post to come later)


Em & Gar said...

good to hear from you. I've missed your irreverant posts. lets do lunch. no really. lets do.

kecia said...

nice to see you are alive...at least for one post!


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