Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Roamin' Around My Noodle...

...thoughts, that is.
I have some thoughts to document...

*Should I be as excited for New Moon as everyone else is? I can't decide .

*All I want to do these days is watch sappy movies. The kind that make your heart jump when the two main characters finally kiss. Any recommendations? Tonight's feature film? Ella Enchanted (for the 3rd night in the row).

*I'm so happy Megan is finally liking her pixie 'do.

*Am I too old to wear leggings? Because guess what...I don't care. They are so blasted comfortable, and I'll wear them until...well, until I don't.

*I think Kaley is hilarious and I look forward to her riotous blog entries everyday. I beg of you KK, don't let me down. Fairly sure she doesn't read my blog, however. Pathetic of me.

*I'm dreading Autumn. Truthfully, I would enjoy if this next season actually lasted a good three months, but I fear that once the leaves start turning Winter will be a weekend away.

*I secretly despise every one of my clients that have thick, long, beautiful hair. I want to chop it all off and magically make a wig for myself. Jealousy is a biotch.

*I've discovered that if I'm ever feeling my way through the dark (you know, 3:00 A.M. bathroom runs, etc) I actually keep my eyes shut. Is that normal?

*I have a new job. Part time baby-sitter for Nickell and Aaron. Every Tuesday for a whopping 2 hours. And get this, Kade sleeps the whooole time. What can I say? I'm like a freaking baby-whisperer (or rather, his parents put him down before I arrive, and he's down for four hours).

*My husbands has fantastic legs. Ahhh, he's so freaking attractive.

*The ending song of Ella Enchanted always gives me the chills, even though it's so obvious Anne Hathaway is lip syncing.

Darise, I dedicate the title of this post to you.


Hen Pecks said...

Checked out Kayle's blog: fun-fun-funny.

Shanicherie said...

I have the same thoughts about leggings!

Single Girl said...

My thoughts:

I miss you
I need a crest
I should get a part time job as your hair washer

I called in sick today cough cough

Im hungry...I wonder If I have any food.

its too effing cold already

we never watched Juno.

Lets play STAT

Chad & Marisa said...

You've Got Mail, Sabrina, Penelope, Pride and Prejudice...just to name a few! Good luck!

[Morgan] said...

you have great hair. if not, you must disguise it well.

um, i don't think you are strange because you can't keep your eyes open in the middle of the night. just the other night i ran right into the corner of the wall on the way to the bathroom. the best part was i couldn't figure out what had happened for a good couple of minutes. i'm also guilty of almost falling forward off the toilet when going in the middle of the night. like, literally falling back asleep on the pot. it's awesome.

i like this post. a lot.

Cunning said...

Freak, I have thoughts. They are typically meaningless.

Clarrisa said...

I think I need a haircut, are you still around Provo?

I recommend: Pride & Prejudice, Emma (with Gwenyth), The Notebook, Serendipity, Never Been Kissed, Sabrina, The Holiday, Notting Hill, French Kiss.

Have fun!

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