Friday, April 24, 2009

A Break from Spring...or Break into Spring?

Spring Break. Vacation time. First time I've taken a Spring Break vacation in 300 years. It seems.

Vegas with the 'rents and sis, and sis' friend.

Geez, Ma. Don't you know how to straighten a camera? (kidding my dear)

View from 25th floor at the MGM Towers. Lo, taking Life into her own hands. (BAAA HAHAHA)

Bellagio Buffet. Do you ever pronounce it buff-et? I do.

The adorable couple in front of the "poppies....poppies!"
This post was supremely lame, except for my darling husband.


rookie cookie said...

When Ethan was a caterer once upon a time, a lot of his Mexican customers would call it a "Boo-fet". I can't ever say buffet correctly because of that.

Single Girl said...

I love VEGAS!!! you should just move there...

Em & Gar said...

I liked it. Lameness and all. :)

Ryan + Jess said...

Vegas is the best for a quick get away...buffets, in-n-out, gambling...everything you need.


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