Friday, February 8, 2013

My Ashley

We spent many exceptionally awesome days over the summer with Ashley and her littles, Harper and Johnny. Between swim days at my mom's, hair appointments, birthday get togethers for our boys (born 11 days apart), outdoor excursions and girl's nights I got to spend lots of time with Ash, but it just wasn't enough! So we still continue to try and get our fill of each other.

Here's to a billion more swim days and other such activities together!

Samson's 2nd Birthday

Samson's 2nd birthday was really low key last year (for behind!), and was spent with just the three of us. It was perfectly perfect.

Samson woke up in the morning to a few presents, and for days afterward, he'd ask when he woke up if he could open presents. 

Donut cake for breakfast! Very fitting for our family. We are extreme donut enthusiasts. 

There were a number of things we'd thought about doing, but settled on something animal related, since he loves animals! We were headed up to Thanksgiving Point to the petting zoo, but the wind had just picked up and we figured with dirt and Tadd's allergies it would be a disaster, so we went to Cabela's instead. Or rather the free, dead zoo.

It was a hit!

I took this picture right at 6:05pm, which was the exact time Samson was born two years earlier. What a huge difference those two years have made in our lives. 

We went to Tadd's parents' later that day for gifts from his aunts, uncles and cousins.

Seriously protecting his new tractor and truck.

We ran to Target later on, and of course Samson had to bring his new toys. Who could resist when they make him so happy!?

Happy Birthday (8 months ago) Sammy Sue! Can't imagine our lives without you!

Grilling with Whitney

An online friend of Whitney's, Krista, had asked her more than a year before if she'd like to come up and show her how to use her grill so she could utilize it more in the summer, and Whitney asked if I'd like to tag along. Well of course I did! So up to Bountiful we went!

Costco run beforehand. No need to wonder if Whitney is pregnant...

Prep work before the grilling. We had quite the array!

And my favorite dish of the night!

Time with Nick and Mal

Aunt Mal and Uncle Nick moved to Belgium last May for Nick's work, so we tried to soak up as much time as we could with them before they left! 

Every time they're in time now, it's a fight over who gets to spend time with them! Now that they will have a little baby boy in March, time with them during their next visits will be highly coveted!

The sign I made for their Bon Voyage party!

One of Samson's favorite places over the summer was the park down the street, so Nick and Mal came over one afternoon and played with Sam as long as his heart desired. 

We also went to the Bean Museum one day, and Mal was a great sport and chased Samson around.

What I came home to one day after Mal had been babysitting. Awww!

One of the many farewell meals we had!


Meagan and her little fam invited Sammy and I to go boating at Utah Lake one afternoon last spring, and we had a blast! It was a great day to leave our troubles and worries behind, and just enjoy the sun on our faces and the cool water splashing up on us!

Meg and Vada

Samson and Kian were in toddler heaven!

Mike took the boys on a little water weinie ride!

Favorite Things Party

Meagan hosted a Favorite Things Party at her house last spring, and it was such a blast! Such a fun idea! You bring five of your favorite things that range from $5 - $8, and hand them out to the girls at the party, and they hand out theirs, so you come home with five new things that are favorites from the other party attendees. 

I brought half a watermelon and pink baby lips

Meagan had set up quite the spread, it was nothing short of perfection.

Homemade laundry soap from Meagan Layton, a Pinterest print and frame from Natalie, etched swing top bottle and colorblocked wooden spoons from Meagan Cohoon, Starbucks gift card from Jaymi and workout unders from Ang!


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