Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sacrament at the Temple

One sunny afternoon, we arrived at the church building, and a major fit ensued from the toddler in the backseat.

It took me all of three seconds to decide I was not about to tackle this alone, so on a drive we went.

We happened to end up at the temple, and I felt it appropriate to spend our sacrament hour roaming the grounds.

If only this was acceptable every Sunday...

Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival with Ashley, Haley and all our kiddies

We were the parents that let our kids run rampant through the flower beds...just not the ones overflowing with tulips.

You know it's friendship when you all show up wearing the same color palate. 

Someone couldn't handle being a little late for his nap.

Girls' Outings

I've been super spoiled the last six months or so with girls' outings!

City Creek with Natalie and Meagan

Parks with friends and their kids

Lunch with old work friends

Sundance wedding with salon friends and Samson

JCW ice cream nights

Red Iguana and Ingrid Michaelson with Whitney, Jill and Kalli

Thursday, August 23, 2012

He's Pretty Awesome

Proof No Pregnant Woman Should Choose Paint Colors

I mean, seriously. Maybe it wouldn't have turned out so bad if I had actually continued decorating our room with bright colors, curtains, etc...but sadly, I've left our bedroom as the last room to get my attention in our house. 

After brushing my head up against the wet paint, I decided to eliminate the problem...without having to shave my head. 

Couple Fave Pics of Samson

Meagan's Shower

January '12

I threw a shower with some friends for another dear friend who was welcoming her sweet baby, Leo, in just a few weeks. 


March 2012

My sweet little boy spent half of his first day in nursery without me, and I couldn't be more proud! 

Our Growing Love...

...for this boy of ours

Couldn't help but sneak a pic of the contents of Tadd's tool belt


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