Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Valentines

Crazy to think that as I write this, these two little doll babies are already 2 months old! My rockstar SIL and BIL, Kecia and Kris, made it all the way to Kecia's scheduled C-section on February 13th with these girlies! Four months of bed rest, an impromptu surgery in CA, and tax season, along with four other kids! These two deserve a medal! Poor Kecia also underwent gallbladder surgery a few weeks after the babies were born. It's been a rough go for them, but we're hoping and praying it's only downhill from here!

I got to meet them on Valentine's Day, so Sam and I only felt it appropriate to give them little valentines cards!

They are such sweet little angels, and I couldn't imagine two better parents for them!

Valentine's Date. We cannot take a normal picture.

Chris and Tysen offered to watch all the kids while the parents went out that night, so Sam enjoyed some cousin time while we did NOT fight the crowds, and dined at Mountain West Burrito, then hit up Target. We are so romantical.

Grandma Bet-Bet

My dear, sweet Grandma passed away this last February after a long, hard battle with breast cancer, and subsequent illnesses. I headed out to California for the funeral with a number of my family members, leaving behind Tadd (who had to work), and Samson (whom my awesome SIL, Lindey, offered to watch while Tadd was at work). 

As much as I would've loved for my extended family to have met Samson, I am unbelievably grateful I didn't have to take him along on that 24 hour drive, round trip. 

No matter the age, no matter the circumstances, it is always tough to bury a family member. What was even harder, was watching my daddy bury his mom. Our parents are our rocks, and they have strength beyond words. To see my parent break down in tears, and hurt along with the rest of us, broke my heart. 

My dad loved his mom dearly, and never spoke ill of her. He has taught me so much about respecting my elders, and I only hope I can live up to the standard he has set for how we should treat our parents.

On the trip over to Northern California, Haley and I rifled through Grandma's jewelry boxes, and tried to call dibs on a number of items, although we'd be going through them with our aunts and cousins later. 

A sweet bracelet of Grandma's three children's names and birth dates

Grams had some style! I inherited the button bracelet and the fishbone bracelet! How long until my "lovely" child lost the fishbone one? About 3 days.

Amazing cameo necklace Lauren snatched up

Cat ring holder! Of course I got that!

Haley left Addie behind, and took along Claire, who was beyond perfection! Sleeping almost the whole day, and then huge stretches at night!

Dad felt it was important that he and five of his six girls document our shoes at the funeral.

Nick n' Mal

Aunt Sue, Grandma's oldest, and her grandchillins

Aunt Lana, Grandma's sister, and her family

Cousin Andie married to Morgan with their kids, Bailey and Easton; Cousin Lindsay married to Norm with their kids Carter, Marin, and Brody; Aunt Sue, Cousin Chad married to Janeen with their kids Briggs, Olivia and Emily

Dad gave a beautiful talk at the gravesite, which had us all in tears. A moment I never want to forget was Dad standing next to his mother's grave speaking about her sweet spirit and the life she lived with such courage and love, and as he began getting choked up, struggling to speak, we watched his two sisters, Sue and Robin, simultaneously begin walking to him from across the gathering to stand by his side for courage and strength. So very touching.

At the luncheon afterward. I am not joking when I say Claire was out the whole trip!

Enjoying our extended family we don't often get to see over at Aunt Sue's.

As we rummaged through some more of Grandma's things (which was when I snatched up her awesome robe!), we came across a collage of her grandkids, and boy was I surprised to see how similar Samson and I looked at this age! All I ever hear, and all I believed, was how Sam is 100% Tadd, but turns out he's got a little bit of me in him (namely that giant head of ours).

All the family went out to Lorenzo's one evening, which is where Dad proposed to Mom!
We also drove past a number of other important landmarks in my parents first few years of dating/marriage, and drove past my mom and dad's house where I remember spending quite a bit of time as a child. 


May I someday find this in my house... 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To Remember...

Sam is learning his colors, his favorite so far being blue, or "boo cuh-yur" as he calls it. Sometimes he points out "geen".

"Ok" is a big agreement term around our house. And when his answer is "no", it's become "No-K".

Sam is very, VERY attached to me right now (something I doubt I'll ever forget), and although it is mostly frustrating, stressful and a titch annoying, my heart just melts when he reaches up to me (wailing or not), and says "I want hold you". I never want to forget those big brown eyes, his arms reaching toward me, and little feet on tip toes.

Samson can also be very intense. He's been doing this teeth-clenching, cheek-shaking, grab-my-face, show-of-love (???) thing. Where does this kid come from!

The Dull Month of January

I was looking back through my January photos, and I realized there is next to nothing to document. Well, anything (and everything) we did has been documented via Instagram.

Hmmm nothing to write home about...other than my new extensions, but whooooo cares about that? And my fabulouso teefers my BIL, Rick, worked on and improved! Another thing to TRULY care about!

There was much Claire snuggling, baby sitting of nieces and nephews, Cars watching, hair doing, Bachelor obsessing, Instagramming, Temple Running (the game), Samson entertainment, late night ice cream eating, job site visiting, and a night away from the bebe for Dad and Mom.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

Another New Year's Eve for the books. Lindey, Tysen and I teamed up for the decorations, and although it was just for one night's entertainment, it was still really fun! 

Our very own Macbook countdown at the end of the night. 


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