Monday, January 30, 2012

My Favorite

My favorite picture of the season.
Be still my heart.

First snow.

Documenting December

Dove into the holiday festivities with two rounds of graham cracker houses. Once with friends, the other with Mom, Haley and Mallory. Enjoy that blank space above.

Samson was the hit of my month, as always. 

Visited the ENT, played in papa's train, met Santa, discovered he didn't need the wrapper off to eat his chocolate sucker (what dumb Santa thinks it's a good idea to give a child a chocolate sucker?), and oh how he gazed at me with this big brown eyes. Have I mentioned his brown eyes? Dreamy really. 

Oh, I also burned the $#!^ out of my finger with hot glue. 

We made a couple trips up to Haley's to get these two yahoos together, and turned those into craft nights. We thoroughly enjoyed their dress ups. Sammy is very much into giving kisses, usually open mouthed. It's...darling? No, really it is. But also very sloppy. Bless his little heart. Haley and I made tee shirt scarves (fail) and tie necklaces (success).

 Chocolate fountain night at Maga and Papa Coxes with a surprise visit from Santa! Sam was clearly thrilled to sit on his lap. 

Salon Christmas party that Tadd had to stay home from at the last minute. Sam was in "a mood" and Tadd was feeling sick, but I dubbed Lindsey (far right in big group pics) my date and we had a grand time! Lindsey's family has a great cabin up at Sundance where we enjoyed a homemade meal by Clint (salon owner) and his wife, Season. It was seriously heavenly. 

There were gifts exchanged, games played, and pants ripped. Oh, yes those pants were mine. NO idea when it happened throughout the day, but Chelsea pointed it out when we were up on the loft above everyone else for everyone to see. Lovely.

We attempted Sammy's first movie, sans Dadda. It was minorly brutal. He had taken a nap at Chris and Tysen's, and I thought this pic of the boys on the couch was hilarious. All three just woken up from their naps, and this is how they slept. The boys with just a blanket and a pillow, and Samson with his sleepsack, blanket, Minnie, Bee and binki. Oh dear. 

We saw Arthur Christmas, delightful movie (of what I saw), and Sam lasted through the previews. The rest of the time it was down the stairs, across the theatre, and back up. Luckily the theater was fairly empty and there were many other kids doing the same thing. It was worth going to just to see him with his little popcorn on his lap sitting in his booster fixated on the screen (for 25 min). Love that litlte kid.

After the movie we went to Whitney's for caroling! An old tradition we had as kids that I was thrilled to resurrect. I had sort of, kind of, completely withheld the caroling detail from Tadd and told him it was dinner so when I called on our way home from the theater asking him to pack Sam's gloves, hat, coat, scarf, sweater, etc...he asked, "Are we playing outside or something", and then I had to drop the bomb. "No, we are going caroling." ... The shock. It was as if I told him we were gathering together to slit our wrists in unison. Not his cup of tea???

We only caroled to three homes, which was perfect and then headed back to Whitney's for treats. The bundled littles was the highlight of the evening.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

At the Moment...

.I'm watching Friends in our room while Tadd watches tennis out front. Can't remember the last time he watched tennis, not sure what the occasion is.

.I'm sitting with my phone by my side, anxiously reading my family's group text. We do this often, but this time it's regarding my dear grandma. She was moved up to a care home in Northern California not too long ago, and her poor body really started failing about a week ago. My daddy headed up there to be with her for her last few days. Tonight I received a text from my mom saying she is very close to passing away. It won't be long, and my heart aches for my dad and his sisters. She deserves to be in heaven with her husband, leaping about (and yes, if you knew my grandma, she'd absolutely be leaping) in a healthy, painless body. Even though it's time, it still sucks.

.Making mental lists for things needed for the baby shower I'm throwing on Wednesday. Really hoping I can pull this off.

.Cataloging receipts for 2011 Taxes. What a joy!

.Sniffing, coughing, throat clearing, moaning...things I've been hearing all weekend long between myself, Tadd and Samson. It's a relief that we got sick over the weekend, happened last weekend with the flu for myself. What a delight.

.24+ hours without Diet Coke. Burns my dang throat, but has now contributed to my headache.

.Thinking about the new phrases Samson has been saying. He's really quite the goofball, and with all the new words he's learning he's putting them together to thoroughly entertain us. My favorite tonight was when Tadd and Sam were getting ready to take a shower and Sam started yelling and laughing, "Nakie Dadda! Nakie Dadda!" We got a good laugh out of that one. Another I've heard all day, "Uh-oh what happened", mostly when he pushes the home button on my phone and exits an app (fully knowing what he's doing) time, after time, after time.

.Dishes have been washed, laundry folded (a joint effort between Tadd and me), toys tidied, floor vacuumed, so we can start aaaallll over again tomorrow.

.Spare change counted, sorted, organized in envelopes (the way the husband rolls), we'll be bustin' into those tomorrow.

.Sam pinched his thumb in his remote control Jeep, and had a teensy tiny would that he would remind us of the minute we woke up from naps or in the morning, 'huwt'. Then he'd stop playing throughout the day to remind us that it stil hurts. We gave lots and lots of kisses

.We had a lovely dinner brought down to us by Papa Steve and Madi, which was so appreciated! We ate like kings after the week we'd had.

.Sammy is snoozing away in his crib wearing Monster jimjams and an evening gown (clarification. It's his sleepsack), one binki clipped to his gown and handfuls nearby for comfort. Not to mention his three blankets, Mickey Mouse, Bee, Zulie the Zebra, and occasionally Monica the lamb. We've raised a packrat.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eye Candy

As if I don't post enough photos of our monster...

 Reached over the in the truck and grabbed my hand. I DIED.

Seems like a man on a mission. Sidekick by his side.

Play date with Dashy

Don't we look dashing!

Yankees jersey from Papa Jack

Decked the Halls

There is just something so magical about the glow of the lights on the Christmas tree. Sammy's is actually still up in his room as his nightlight. 

Sam immediately adopted the Christmas throw as his blankie. I actually found the same blanket in cream so I could replace it once Christmas was over. 

Some Christmas books

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Santa Sighting

Santa arrived at University Mall the day after Thanksgiving in...a...helicopter. Ridiculous, no? 

Playing Outside

Even without a snowsuit, we've made due when the outdoors calls.

The Most Fun He's Ever Had...

Thanksgiving Day

Just my new slips bought the day before Thanksgiving that I've already practically worn out.

My beautiful relish tray

We borrowed a snow suit for Lacey this winter since Samson is obsessed with being outside so I figured we better equip ourselves for playtime outside (a lot of good the snow suit has been this Spring/Winter). 

Such a little boy.

A Happy Thanksgiving from me and Tadd, and a Grumpy Thanksgiving from Sam.

A beautiful spread this last year!

Sam got the shaft this year and was fed leftovers and mashed potatoes, then sent off to his nap!

Braving the Black Friday crowds that night! We hit up Babies R Us, but bailed on Target because it was CRAZY! But all in all, a grand time!

Thanksgiving Crafts

Tysen is always doing fun things with her kiddos, and most holidays include a craft so we joined in on this one!

Kix Corn on the Cob

Toilet Paper Tube Turkeys

Thanksgiving Food Prep

Once we got home from Samson's surgery, I got to work making the stuff I signed up for for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm lucky Sam crashed for a bit or I never would've gotten a head start on the food prep because once he was feeling normal again, my was he a trip!

Cherry pie prep

I loved how the cherries looked cooking down. 


Look how pretty! I was sorta proud.

Tadd MAY or may not have left an open carton of yogurt out so while my back was turned the little tyke got to it. So rather than freaking out, and trying my hardest to entertain him some other way, I let him at it. 

I think Samson set a goal for himself that day to make his biggest mess to date, and although he outdid himself, he has since blown his record out of the water. 

Why do people cook? 

What a gem.

My beautiful pumpkin pies (that took zero effort)


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